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Snap Studio XL Portable Vocal Booth

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Snap Studio XL Portable Vocal Booth

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Pros are already raving about Snap Studio XL: "It's super dry just as I wanted it. I have a really nice pro studio with a big live room and the live room is just too.. well.. live. Too wet. The XL now gives me a super dead spot to record my vocals and I LOVE IT!"

Note: Snap Studio is not a soundproof booth. Sound can be heard from outside, but the enclosure absorbs up to 80% of echo and reverb.

Contains nearly 40lbs of sound absorbing material. Designed for guitars and wind instruments, setting up a small table and chair or bringing a friend inside for a duet!

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⬛ The Ultimate Portable Vocal Booth

Singers, producers, voiceover artists, record clear vocals in your living room, garage, or bedroom without breaking the bank. Snap Studio = “reverb killer” professional vocals at home or on-the-go!

The 360-degree Acoustic Isolation Shield has a 6'8" (203cm) internal height (6'11" external height), with a footprint of 44"x44" (112cm), giving plenty of space in case you get a little pumped up while recording. It uses proper acoustic pads for the walls, which are much heavier than moving blankets and are designed specifically to cancel reverb. The best part? You can lay down pro vocals without the hassle or added expense of renting studio time.

⚡ Quick And Easy Assembly

Inspiration can strike 24/7. Snap Studio has you covered! With 10sqft (0.93m²) of floor space, this portable home recording studio can easily fit a small table and chair, larger instruments such as guitars, or even two people singing a duet! It breaks down in minutes to fit into two duffel bags (one small bag for the frame and a second bag for the blankets), making it the perfect travel companion for singers, producers and voice over artists on any budget.

🎵 Invented By A Grammy-Nominated Producer

“Making my first album, I thought I had everything figured out: a quality interface, cables, mics, and the chops to lay down a badass take. But my recording sounded absolutely terrible! It was painfully obvious that the problem was the room itself. There HAD to be an easy way to make my room sound better. This is why people pay go to expensive studios, I thought. I don’t want all this gear to go to waste, so what can I do?”

That’s how Snap Studio was born. In fact, that same album recording project that inspired the earliest version of Snap Studio took me all the way to the GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet. With the right tools and inspiration, the sky is the limit!

⛔ 360-Degree Shield Against Room Echo

While most voice-over rooms sound boxy, and "vocal shields" only cover the backside of the microphone (when the front needs more protection!), Snap Studio steps in with a 360° acoustically dampened environment. It efficiently soaks up room sound on all sides to provide basic all-around absorption of exterior noises, leaving vocals dry and clear. Not soundproof, but reduces problematic reverb. Now you can get pro sound quality every time!

🎁 Bonus Accessories Included

For artists and voiceover professionals who wish to make great-sounding vocals with ease, the Snap Studio Recording Booth is jam-packed with premium accessories:

  • 2x Multicolor LED Light Bars with Remote Control: Set the tone of the studio to match your vibe!
  • Standard LED Light Bulb with adjustable brightness settings.
  • Adjustable Device Mount: Easily read lyrics or scripts from all of your smart devices hands-free!
  • 2x Diamond-stitched duffel bags: Made of heavy-duty, rip-stop protective fabric.

We thoughtfully selected these accessories and engineered the complete package of Snap Studio to serve one purpose: empowering creatives. Manifesting this belief in compelling and affordable products makes all the difference when you need the best isolated & acoustically treated environment wherever you are, so that you can go make your dreams happen.

Other specs:

Shipping weight approximately 69lbs



For any other questions or inquiries, please email success@snapstudio.com