Unleash Your Studio.

Rolling Stone's #1 Recommended portable recording booth is your key to unlocking flawless sound.

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Unleash Your Studio.

Rolling Stone's #1 Recommended portable recoding booth is your key to unlocking flawless sound.

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We help you record dry vocals without breaking a sweat or your budget.

What happy voiceover artists and singers are saying:

I did a ton of research on the best option in this price range. I also
built a few of my own packing blanket booths prior to buying this booth. This is without a doubt the best option before spending several thousands on a top tier booth.

The blankets are way better than average packing blankets. They're thick and professional grade. You can tell that a lot of care and thought went into the construction of this booth.

Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend to anyone!

Best purchase I’ve ever made for my career. With a quiet enough outside environment it makes any microphone sound high quality. I got paid voice acting work with a budget mic

The difference is astounding. Zero reflections no matter how loud I speak. Best of all, I can take this with me when I travel, so I can work on the road. Very satisfied with my purchase.

I have been recording music for over 15 years, have placements of my own music on commercial radio stations as well as client placements and all from home recordings. The results this product yields is awesome and better than anything I've tried before. This can definitely take care of unwanted room reflections. There are no products in this price range that I am aware of that can do what this does.

I've been producing and engineering for 10+ years and I am blown away with the quality and capabilities that Snap Studio has brought into my workflow. The comparison between the Snap Studio vocal booth and normal reflection cages are night and day.

I LOVE this portable booth. I'm currently the AVO for a major commercial campaign with ongoing sessions... this booth SAVED me! I've been recording national commercials in it, and the engineers at the commercial studio in NYC are thrilled with how it sounds. Highly recommended! It paid for itself within a week of me having it!

Finished Recording?

Stores neatly under your bed inside the duffel travel bag.