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Overall, it’s pretty incredible that such a large booth can fold up and be transported so simply, then be set up again wherever you want. The result is impeccably clean and dry vocals to get your final tracks sounding the best they can without paying for studio time or spending thousands on professional, high-end gear.

Wonderfully "over engineered" and exceeded my expectations. Where it shines is as a Sound Treatment Booth. My recording area is too bright, has nasty reverb and although this can be removed in post, it's a total pain. This is an analog set up that makes it easy to get a solid dry recording as if my studio had been fully sound treated.

I have a small home studio in my finished basement, which is entirely laminate flooring and drywall. It is a very unforgiving place in which to record. The Snap Studio gives me a phone booth sized area in which I can record vocal performances that sound nearly as good as I could get from a professional studio. It was very easy to set up, and it is lightweight, so moving it after it has been fully assembled is not very difficult. Simple design, well thought out and executed. I'd definitely recommend it.

I've been producing and engineering for 10+ years and I am blown away with the quality and capabilities that Snap Studio has brought into my workflow. The comparison between the Snap Studio vocal booth and normal reflection cages are night and day.

I absolutely love the Snap Studio vocal booth. It has become an integral part of my studio workflow. I work with signed artists most days, and have cut many amazing vocals thanks to Snap Studio. Don’t hesitate to put this in your studio to get perfect vocals every time.

GAME CHANGER. You can really tell the difference in your quality of music.

Vocals By Snap Studio.

  • Reduces bounding sound waves by 80%

    Snap Studio is not soundproof, but professionally sound dampening to dramatically reduce unwanted reverb.

  • Designed by a GRAMMY Nominated Producer

    Built for highly driven creative professionals, Snap Studio has you covered from the road to the red carpet.

  • Adapts To Your Environment

    Turn your room into a professional vocal studio. Break it down, store it, or take it with you on your next adventure.

  • Accessories Included

    Quality matters. We only source quality components and accessories we actually want to use.

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