Professional Vocals in

Singers, producers, voiceover artists, record clear vocals in your
living room, garage, or bedroom without breaking the bank. Snap
Studio = “reverb killer” professional vocals at home or on the go!

The 360-degree Acoustic Isolation Shield stands 6'8" (203cm)
high with a footprint of 33"x33" (84cm), giving plenty of space in
case you get a little pumped up while recording. The best part?
You can lay down pro vocals without the hassle or added expense
of renting studio time.

Invented By A Grammy-Nominated Producer

"Making my first album, I thought I had everything: a quality interface, cables, mics, and the chops to lay down a perfect track. But my recording sounded absolutely terrible! It was painfully obvious that the problem was the room itself. There HAD to be an easy, cost-effective way to make my room sound better so I wouldn't have to pay an expensive studio. I didn’t want all my gear to go to waste, so what could I do?”

That’s how Snap Studio was born. In fact, that same album inspired the earliest version of Snap Studio and took me all the way to the GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet. With the right tools and inspiration, the sky is the limit!

Comfortable. Compact. Portable.

Imagine having pristine speech-recording conditions at any time and place. The durable lightweight frame and high-quality sound-absorbing blankets create a 360-degree insulated wall that dramatically reduces sound reflections. That means the single biggest disadvantage of recording in a typical room – flat walls, windows, and untreated acoustics – is now solved.

These pro sound pads are incredibly effective in dampening common room echo by up to 80%. In fact, you can even hang them on your walls or other surfaces when the booth is not in use. The result: stripping out unwanted acoustic interference & eliminating bouncy reverb for crisper vocals and acoustically-contained audio flow.

  • 83" Exterior Height (210cm)
  • 33" Width and Depth (84cm)
  • 22lbs (10kg) of Sound Absorbing Material
  • 80% Noise Reduction Coefficient
  • 360-Degree Protection Against Echoes

Clean Tone Without Echoes

Most voice over rooms sound boxy, and "vocal shields" only cover the back side of the microphone, when the front needs the most protection! Snap Studio efficiently soaks up unwanted room sound on every side, leaving vocals dry and clear.

Included Accessories

  • Smart Device Mount: Easily read lyrics or scripts from all of your devices hands free!
  • Wireless LED Light Bulb: Light up your whole booth with ease.
  • Diamond-stitched duffel bag: Made of heavy-duty, rip-stop protective fabric.

Travel Conveniently

Inspiration can strike 24/7. Snap Studio is assembled in minutes. Then it quickly breaks down to fit into the duffel carrier bag (included). This makes it the perfect travel companion for singers, producers, and voice over artists on any budget.

Snap Studio Users Have Spoken

“I've been producing and engineering for 10+ years and I am blown away with the quality and capabilities that Snap Studio has brought into my workflow. The comparison between the Snap Studio vocal booth and normal reflection cages are night and day."

Alex Marshall (FINMAR & The Cab)

GAME CHANGER. You can really tell the difference in your quality of music.

HOC2D2, Verified Buyer

“I absolutely love the Snap Studio vocal booth. It has become an integral part of my studio workflow. I work with signed artists most days, and have cut many amazing vocals thanks to Snap Studio. Don’t hesitate to put this in your studio to get perfect vocals every time."

Chris Loocke, Nashville

Still not sure?

Frequently Asked Questions

Snap Studio is highly sound dampening, not sound proofing, which means it reduces bouncing sound waves from reflecting off of surfaces by up to 80%. You will hear your voice transform as soon as you step inside the booth! The blankets are made of a soft, acoustically absorptive material. This product is not a replacement for a constructed sound isolation room or chamber made with heavy-duty construction-grade soundproofing materials. We guarantee that Snap Studio will dramatically improve the dry quality of your voice compared to your normal room – or your money back!

Snap Studio is designed to fit one person standing up to 6’8” tall (203cm) for a total of 5.5 square feet of floor space. It is not designed to fit a table and chair or accommodate medium-size and large instruments.

We’ve designed Snap Studio to be as easy as possible to assemble. The first time you assemble Snap Studio, expect 10-15 minutes to completion. Once familiar, assembly will require about 5 minutes.

The included easy-hang LED Light has a built-in battery and multiple dimming modes. A USB charging cable is included.

If you need replacement accessories, contact us right away at If you have inquiries regarding extra blankets or have any other questions please contact us!

We stand by the quality of our product and guarantee hassle-free returns. For more information, click our Refund Policy at the bottom of the page.